Jute Twine:
Musa Jute is one of the leading suppliers of Jute Twine in international market. Jute Twin is tough thread twisted of two or more smaller strands of yarn. We can provide our customers in different thickness and sizes of Twin. We can also supply heavy duty Jute Twin could be ideal for gardening, Binding goods, Industrial packaging etc. Please contact us today to get more information.

Jute Yarn:
Jute Yarn is popular for weaving, knitting, manufacturing Sewing thread, plants hanger, rugs and as a filler yarn for carpet industry. The usages of jute yarn are mostly the industrial buyers who are involved in fabric and twin manufacturing. It also usages in other purpose such as cable binding, packaging, joining pipe and many other day to day works.
In addition to that jute yarn has huge demand from carpet industry. We can supply Bespoke Jute Yarn to our clients; it could be bleached, blended or different colour and composition.
Available qualities are CRM, CRT, CB, Hessian and sacking quality. Ply are available in single-1, Double-2, & Multi-ply (3,4…).

Jute rope is made from Natural jute yarn. This ropes quality is as good as other synthetic rope but it’s friendly to the environment, easily rotten and comfortable to grip.
Diameter: 3mm-50mm in three strands in “Z” and “S “directions.
Qualities: Many grades according to the buyers’ requirements.